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Dublin Web Summit

Nearly 100 organisations, many of them start ups and small businesses, have now booked their tickets to the Dublin Web Summit. You will find a selection of 50 of those organisations from all over Europe on our website:

Why have they booked?

Because on October 30th, 26 exceptional speakers from Europe and North America will be in Dublin to talk to Irish start ups and businesses about online communications, social media, advertising and marketing. For a full list of speakers go to

Speakers include some of Facebook and Google’s leading figures in Europe, the heads of online for some of Europe’s biggest media organisations, as well many many more. For full details and to book your ticket go to

Facundo is a founder here at Tweak Your Biz (formerly) Bloggertone and a director at Dublin based Web Agency Channelship, where he works with directly with key accounts, particularly in creative and strategic capabilities. Naturally involved in Bloggertone's and Channelship’s business development and promotional efforts, he enjoys networking in the Irish Business scene.

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  • Will there be any discount codes released? 200 to 300 euro to enter seems a bit steep?

  • Not sure Ivan. If there are they will be towards the date I guess 🙁 Will comment here if I hear anything.


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